Can’t Renew Your Florida Vehicle Registration Online?

If you cannot renew your Florida vehicle registration online you may have stops preventing you from doing so. The most common reason is a Toll Hold. A registration stop is when the State of Florida puts a hold on your vehicle registration for a number of possible reasons.

  1. Toll Hold, you owe money for using a toll road somewhere in the State of Florida.
  2. Financial Responsibility stop, You owe money to either the State of Florida or another third party for a transaction related to your vehicle.
  3. Insurance Stop, your insurance coverage has lapsed and you need to provide new insurance information.
  4. DL suspension, you currently have a suspension on your Drivers License preventing you from renewing the registration on your vehicle.

Broward Tag and Title can assist you with resolving many of these issues. If you have a registration stop call Broward Tag and Title and one of our helpful clerks can assist you. Phone: 954-317-1769.