Can’t Renew Your Florida Vehicle Registration Online?

If you cannot renew your Florida vehicle registration online you may have stops preventing you from doing so. The most common reason is a Toll Hold. A registration stop is when the State of Florida puts a hold on your vehicle registration for a number of possible reasons.

  1. Toll Hold, you owe money for using a toll road somewhere in the State of Florida.
  2. Financial Responsibility stop, You owe money to either the State of Florida or another third party for a transaction related to your vehicle.
  3. Insurance Stop, your insurance coverage has lapsed and you need to provide new insurance information.
  4. DL suspension, you currently have a suspension on your Drivers License preventing you from renewing the registration on your vehicle.

Broward Tag and Title can assist you with resolving many of these issues. If you have a registration stop call Broward Tag and Title and one of our helpful clerks can assist you. Phone: 954-317-1769.

Just moved to Florida? Learn more about registering your vehicle in Florida.

With so many people moving to Florida everyday we see a steady influx of questions in regards to out of state title transfers and registering your vehicle in Florida. The goal of this article is to give you a step by step breakdown of how to register your out of state vehicle in Florida.

Step 1.
Move here! Everyone loves South Florida. The sunshine, sandy beaches. Where else would you like to be?

Step 2.
Get a Florida Drivers License. The easiest way to get your vehicle registered in Florida begins with obtaining a FL Drivers License. Once you have one we can then register the vehicle to this Drivers License and to the address linked to that Drivers License.

Step 3.
Obtain the title to the vehicle that you wish to register. There are multiple ways of doing this. If you own the vehicle and do not have a loan through a bank then you most likely already have your physical paper title to the vehicle. If you do currently have a loan on the vehicle then we at Broward Tag and Title would have to submit a request to the financial institution requesting the title for transfer. The same process applies to leased vehicles as well. Once Broward Tag and Title submits the request to the financial institution we must wait for the institution to complete the request and send us the title.

Step 4.
Complete the transfer and issue a FL License Plate. Once we receive the title from either you or your financial institution; we will then complete the transfer.