Specialty Plate Of The Week: Endless Summer Florida Plate

Support Florida Beach Preservation with the Endless Summer Specialty License Plate

Tell the world that you support the beach lifestyle and preservation of the ocean with an Endless Summer specialty license plate on your car. Purchasing this specialty license plate is one way you can help protect the 1200 + miles of coastline and over 600 miles of sandy beaches that make up Florida. Any of the millions of residents who live near, or visit, Florida’s beaches are encouraged to show support for conservation and preservation of our ocean ecosystem through the purchase of the Endless Summer plate for their car.

Proceeds from Plate Sales Support Partner Organizations

Every purchase of the Endless Summer specialty license plate makes it possible for us to support the many worthwhile partner organizations and community supporters working to make Florida’s coastal environment a priority. This includes important activities such as:

  • Shoreline Eco-system Preservation
  • Beach Enhancements
  • Clean-up Programs
  • Public Education

Plus, it helps to generate funding for the Surfing’s Evolution Experience  — an interactive encounter showcasing the history and evolution of surfing. The owner of the registered trademark for “Endless Summer®” is Bruce Brown Films, LLC. Bruce Brown is a pioneer in the surf culture and created the classic surf documentary “The Endless Summer®”. Bruce Brown Films, LLC supports the Foundation’s goals, and has graciously allowed the Foundation to use the “Endless Summer®” name for this important fundraising and awareness effort.