Explore Off-Road Specialty Plate

The revenue collected annually from the sale of the Explore Off-Road Florida specialty license plate will be distributed to the Florida Off-Road Foundation, Inc., a Florida nonprofit, to fund qualified nonprofit organizations that protect and preserve Florida’s natural off-road habitat; educate Floridians about responsible use of the off-road environment; support civilian volunteer programs to promote the use of off-road vehicles to assist law enforcement in situations such as search and rescue; support organized cleanups, trail maintenance, and restoration; and preserve Florida’s off-road culture.

  • Restore

    Florida’s off-road trails and its natural habitat through organized cleanups, restorations, and expansion.

  • Protect & Preserve

    Support programs that promote responsible use of Florida off-road trials, its Habitat and Wildlife.

  • Educate

    Fund organizations focused on preserving and promoting Florida Jeep & Off Road culture and it’s heritage through, on site demonstrations, off road explorations, youth educational programs and museums.

  • Search & Rescue

    Fund Florida Law Enforcement Volunteers start up programs that promote civilian jeepers participation in organized Search & Rescue, Emergency Rescue, Beach Patrol Assistance and other responsibilities.

How to purchase this Specialty License Plate:

To purchase this Florida Explore Off-Road Specialty License Plate, please complete the info request on this page and submit all required information. One of our clerks will then receive the order and begin the swap process. We check all plate requests for anything outstanding that may block you from being able to change over to a Specialty License Plate. Once this check has been completed and cleared we process the Specialty License Plate request. The process can take anywhere from 1-3 business days depending on the Plate you choose. We then ship your new Specialty License Plate and new Registration securely to you with package tracking included. Yes… Its that simple.

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